Points System

Details of the various points you can win

  • 10Points

    For Signing up.

  • 2Points

    For adding an answer.

  • 1Point

    For adding a new question.

  • 1Point

    For referring a new user.

Badges System

Details the award system for this platform.

  • New Member
    20 Points

    New Member

  • Active Member
    50 Points

    Active Member

  • Eminent Member
    100 Points

    Eminent Member

  • Trusted Member
    200 Points

    Trusted Member

  • Estimable Member
    500 Points

    Estimable Member

  • Honourable Member
    1k Points

    Honourable Member

  • Prominent Member
    2k Points

    Prominent Member

  • Famed Member
    3k Points

    Famed Member

  • Illustrious Member
    5k Points

    Illustrious Member