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What are air source heat pump grants, and who can receive these grants?

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Heat pumps are green technologies with lower energy costs and carbon emissions. A heat pump can only work effectively in your home when well insulated. A variety of heat pump systems are covered by heat pump grants, along with a grant for your technical evaluation. Anyone who owns a home constructed and occupied before 2021 can apply for these grants. Even landlords can apply for air source heat pump grants. The installation date of your power metre determines the exact time and your eligibility for this grant. Unlike previous grants, this one does not require that a home be constructed before 2011.

Your home needs to be well-insulated and have little heat loss to be eligible for a heat pump system grant. It will guarantee that your heat pump system operates effectively and that your electricity costs are reasonable. That’s why we insist on a technical analysis being done first. You must choose an impartial, SEAI Registered Technical Advisor before applying for heat pump grants. They will perform a technical evaluation of your property and advise you on the preparations you need before installing a home heat pump.

For more information, please visit: https://warmfront.uk/


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